Golf Tips - June 15 , 2018

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Putting through the uprights.
By Scott Orban, PGA Executive Professional

Have you ever had one of those days you are hitting the ball great, but your putting lets you down? Don’t forget to work on your putting once in a while. Maybe it’s your focus, maybe technique or both. Here is a great little drill to help you work on the path of your swing and as a consequence you will also be training your focus.
Stick a couple of tees in the ground just a little wider than your putter and make sure they are aligned at your target. Practice putting through the uprights. If you aren’t having much success you may have to work at the following:
1) adjust your posture to ensure your eyes are over the ball.
2) minimize the movement of your lower body.
3) minimize the movement in your hands and wrists during the stroke. (see Praying Putt Stroke Quick Tip).


Elevated green and into the Wind. Should I change may swing?

By Scott Orban, PGA Executive Professional

An elevated green means you are going to need more club. How much? This is all experience and knowing your game. The more the elevation the more club you need. But whatever you do, do not change your golf swing and try to help it up in the air to the elevated green.
Hitting into the wind. Again your experience is critical in deciding how much more club you need. Generally, golfers do not take enough club. When is the last time you hit it long into a heavy wind? Do you need to change your swing? Say de- loft the club at impact, change the ball position? You can, but unless you have a lot of experience and have practiced this shot I would suggest no.
Now combine these two problems; into the wind with an elevated green. You need to get it up to an elevated green, but you think you need to hit it low to combat the wind. What to do? Make a decision on the club and trust that decision. Do not mess around with your swing. 


CTV News with Glen Campbell and Scott Orban PGA